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House Set Islami

10 It is important The Guide should serve as the Organizing Islamic House, As Below.

1. Hygiene and Purity

Maintain cleanliness and sanctity of a Muslim has the added value, namely as syar'i law. Therefore let a Muslim should always be clean and pure, body, clothing and residence, which is also a requirement legality worship, especially prayer. For instance when a Muslim is unclean to clean, so he was not only clean the dirt in lahiriyah only, but also maknawiyah. For each type of waste that is classified as unclean has its own ways of cleaning and mensucikannya.

2. Organize and arrange so that the interior of the house to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

"God is beautiful and loves beauty '. Let every Muslim to realize this, especially the beauty of his home. Using clothes neat and clean in accordance with the circumstances and conditions, household furniture organized in place, the room is arranged according to function and condition, such as a frame of Baitul Haram properly placed in the wall of the living room and not in the kitchen.

3. Adab lowered his voice, keep confidential and not make noise.

Imam Hasan Al-Banna said that in her will, "Do not harden your voice over needs of the listener, because it is such a stupid and annoying other people." Loud voices in dispute laugh out loud, shrill voices of women as well as radio or television are powerful things that are very sensitive and can lead to disputes. It is not ethical in Islam.

In the Islamic house, of its inhabitants will always try to apply the Islamic ethics in bermuamalah with fellow members and other neighbors, maintaining modesty in speaking, respects the rights of others and keep the secret in his household.

4. Regulate matters relating to science and worship.

The important and foremost is compulsory sciences are needed as the problem of worship, performing deeds obligatory (mandatory) and also charity-Sunna and the Islamic charity in a way a home library, worship especially prayer, fasting, Quran Recitations, Dzikrullah (remember God) and prayer. All family members should cooperate together to realize these things. Role tausiah (advise each other) is very important in maintaining these practices kelangsunagn implementation.

5. Be modest funds to eat, drink and lifestyle.

A Muslim has the responsibility to themselves and their families. He was required to always selecting food and beverages brought into the house, and with regard to the quality and quantity. Stacked pile of clothes and useless things is a waste. For that each need to be purchased should be taken into account before interest and benefit.

6. Establish rapport and civilized social life.

In the house should be applied to Islamic adab Islamic associations as well. Adab of the elderly are respected, obedient to them, do good and menistimewakan both. Husband and wife also bermuamalah well and give examples of models for their children. Manjalin friendship with family friends and distant relatives. Familiarize the children to respect the older and younger love, and good adab-adab other.

7. Health and sports.

"There are two pleasures forgotten by most people, health and leisure '(Narrated by Bukhari).

Islam is health. In another hadith the importance of health problems and strengths mentioned much. But in practice many Muslims who ignore this problem. Consider the problem of cleanliness, the air coming into the house, ventilation, and spatial kerapihan home. Let each family member accustomed to exercise, walk or run in the morning, or whatever it is. It would be nice if the sports program is accompanied by Dzikrullah and prayers.

8. Protecting homes and family members of morality, inappropriate behavior and keep them away from things that are unlawful, makruh and dangerous.

O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hell fire fuel is men and stones; guardian angels are rough, tough, who do not disobey Allah in what He commanded them, and always doing what I was told . (Qur'an 66:6)

A good Muslim will always be actively carrying out the demands of religion. So did his family, and trying to distance himself and his family from the things forbidden by the religion. The Muslims have always looked at what's in the house as the private parts that must be maintained. It should be noted, that some of our clothes are not worth to see someone else, because it would interfere with feelings, not bad, and so forth. There must be no underwear lying around. Behavior and words that are not good not to be practiced by members of the family.

It is to be kept private parts, not to reveal private parts in front of others, even small children. Then the interior of the house do not there things that God cursed like a statue or any other type. Also things to avoid anything that includes the category "lagho ', makruh and unlawful. Like most television, radio or other events that are not useful, and a waste of time.

Even children should be constantly guarded his movements from the things that is bad and dangerous, such as medicines and sharp objects and glassware.

9. Do good to the neighbors, guests and bersilaturahim respect.

Honoring the guest is one of the obligation for a Muslim. Among the Islamic adab for those who visit are not heavy people who visited him to entertain us as guests. A Muslim should always prepare themselves, their homes and kaluarganya to receive guests and respect.

Meanwhile, courtesy of the neighbors are meeting their rights to certain events, such as joy and sorrow, to keep the kids not to fight with neighborhood children and to avoid noise or something that they are difficult.

10. Keeping adab in and out of the house.

The first thing that must be considered a Muslim and Muslim in and out of the house is related to the Sunnah of these issues, which foot should come first and give greetings to the inhabitants.

Before you leave the house should determine the intent, purpose and direction of self and check mengoraksi luggage. Muslim women especially when going out of the house should not smell of perfume that can lure other men, always tidying and maintaining close aurat hijabnya and well not to any use or the wind.

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