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Building and Interior Components

Building mosques for ritual prayers of Muslims, therefore, in addition to having room to pray together, the mosque has the pulpit (minbar), a seat lecture. In line with Islamic worship prayer should face the Qiblah or direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, in the middle of the mosque wall in that direction given the mihrab, a niche or a relatively small space in the wall as a sign of the direction of Qiblah. Usually the pulpit on the right side chamber. For the mandatory ablution to purify himself, made a special place into the four components in the mosque.
VIII century mosque with many minarets, towers to "call" people of prayer, or azan also become part of the ritual prayer. Especially the ancient mosque in the middle east are usually equipped with dikka, like a stage with stairs, placed in the middle of the main prayer space outside the mosque yard sometimes.


Decorations are part of the same art as architecture, directly related to the era and culture of a society. In terms of decoration on the mosque can not be separated from the Islamic law stipulated in the Hadith and the Qur'an, especially in relation to art.

Intricate geometric pattern

The definition of geometric shapes is around the line, area, curve, triangle, up polygons etc. in geometry, including parts breadth angle and can be measured. Building to worship in Islam, geometric principles applied in a flexible, function more as a director and decoration.
The use of geometric decoration materials used to solve two-dimensional components, patterns, shape, outline for the decoration of the dome, arch, and system arch muqarnas. Muqarnas is a projection system, repetition and multiplication of a form of niche, for decor transition parts in architecture. Muqarnas decoration often called mocarabes and also because of its shape like a stalactite, limestone formed by dripping water over hundreds or even thousands of years at the top of the caves.
Besides the two-dimensional geometric pattern is preferred. Two-dimensional decoration is formed by the lines or flat areas of color from a variety of materials such as a star pattern, complicated and crowded therefore often referred to intricate.
Continuous repetition of the pattern of geometric decoration, a basic measure together with the measures of other mosques, including the structure and construction.



Become elements of calligraphy by many people and should be considered together in a mosque. Calligraphy (calligraphy) is the art of writing the letter part of the art, so it is directly related to beauty, and pleasure. Calligraphy in general and written sentences or words quoted from the Qur'an is not the beauty of its form alone, nmaun also from the meaning and content.
Along with the history and development of Islam has long centuries it developed the art of Arabic calligraphy and also according to the era. Known some arab kaligrapi flow, among others: Mashq, square Kufic (Square Kufic), Eastern Kufic, Thuluth, Naskhi, Muhaqqaq, Rihani and Taliq.
Mashq has existed since the first century of the Muslim era, flourished in Mecca and Medina. Square Kufic developed in Kufa, Iraq in the ninth century. Eastern Kufic, more complicated version of traction, especially on the vertical line upwards, developed since the end of the century, X. Thuluth, fully developed the IX century. Naskhi, characteristic of a relatively calligraphy most easily written and read, so the most often used to write the Qur'an after the re-designed the X century Muhaqqaq, the same model made popular by Naskhi model. Rihani, a combination of Thuluth and Naskhi. Taliq words "hanging" developed by the writers of Persian calligraphy in the ninth century. Variant called Nostaliq, introduced in the fifteenth century and made the most common form of writing Persian documents.

Floral ornaments (Arabesque)

In addition to geometric and calligraphic decoration, many mosques are decorated with floral patterns (of plants) both are abstracted in part or in total tangible form a curved arch pattern , from plant stems, flowers, leaves and fruit.
Floral decorations usually use a pattern then repeated and doubled, continued to be areas, lines or frames of doors, windows, columns, beams, floors, ceilings, domes inside and out, the field and others. Same with geometric patterns and calligraphic decoration, floral shapes made with reliefs, mosaics are also a way painted with color materials.

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